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1. General organization and strategy of security
  • In conjunction with the hierarchy, set up a dynamic risk management system. Including: safety at work, health protection, psychosocial stress, ergonomics, hygiene, embellishment of workstations.
  • Coordination and contact with external services (ministries, authorized inspection bodies, etc.).
  • Coordination with the occupational doctor, special case (adapted work, special measure, occupational disease).
  • CPPW (Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work): secretariat of the meetings, organization of the meetings, answering the different questions of the members, follow-up of the actions
  • Preparation of official reports (inspections), whether annual, monthly or following a major accident.
  • Drafting the safety instructions (working method + safety instructions)
  • Various searches in the field of legislation and technological evolution

2. Training
  • Follow-up of the reception and training of new employees
  • Drawing up and distributing workstation sheets and work instructions for all employees
  • Participating in the development of the content of the prevention training courses
  • Follow-up on the training courses for forklift truck drivers, aerial work platforms, pallet trucks, etc.
  • Helping to draw up and keeping up to date the internal manuals (prevention section)

3. Risk management
  • Inventory, weighing (Kinney) and analysis of the risks + planning and follow-up of the preventive measures. Study of the workstation or the machines. Organisation of the workstation, ergonomics, procedures, hygiene, chemical and physical factors, CBM and PPE.
  • Drafting and distributing reports

4. Plans (1 year and 5 years)
  • Presentation, drafting and approval of management and CPPW
  • Follow-up of the actions
  • Assistance in the implementation

5. Chemical and toxicological aspect of safety
  • Keeping the inventory of hazardous products up to date
  • SDS sheets, analysis with the occupational physician
  • Keeping the SDS sheets up to date

6. Visits to the workplace
  • Frequent and systematic visits to the workplaces (Nivelles, KDC, Kontich, Cargovil, Antwerp, Kieldrecht). Detection of new risks, verification of the prevention methods applied, verification of the use of the PPE and the fire prevention methods applied.
  • Drawing up the reports of visits and including newly discovered risks in the risk inventory
  • Accompanying the occupational doctor during his annual visits.

7. Workplace accidents (or incidents)
  • Analysis of all occupational accidents and road traffic accidents + drawing up of prevention measures and follow-up
  • Drafting of reports and distribution

8. Safety coordination with third parties
  • Safety coordination with other JOST entities
  • Safety coordination with the logistics providers of the different sites (K&N, Novaveg, GreenYard)

9. Customer Carrefour
  • Visit of the shops for which the risks have not been addressed (dispatch report management + Carrefour + shops)
  • Management of safety issues with Carrefour
  • Visit of loading areas for which risks were reported (report)
  • Visit to shops as a result of a work-related accident

10. Monitoring and reception by an approved body
  • Monitoring of the host body. Organization of visits by the approved body within the framework of periodic monitoring
  • Analysis of the reports sent by the recognized organism and follow-up of the correcting remarks

11. Trustee
  • Carrying out the tasks of the internal confidential counsellor within the framework of the Royal Decree on psychosocial workload

12. Assisting the first prevention advisor of JOST


Communication and awareness-raising
  • Assisting the employer, the members of the hierarchy and the workers in applying the legal provisions and the regulations concerning the well-being of the workers during the exercise of their work and all other preventive measures and actions
  • Notify the employer and the line management of any immediate and serious danger
  • Raising awareness of safety issues
  • Organizing poster campaigns
  • Draw up and distribute instructions
  • Train the internal emergency team in evacuation and fire fighting
  • Assisting the JOST prevention advisors, participating in meetings of the central internal department

Skills required
  • Prevention advisor level 2
  • Confidential counsellor (training through the external service for prevention in the workplace)
  • First-aider (basic training with annual refresher course)
  • Communication in Dutch and French (oral and written)
  • Customer-oriented
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