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JOST, life in motion

Your key European partner for multimodal transport and integrated logistics, driven by operational excellence, green sustainability and human development.

Who are we?

A leading transport and logistics company in Europe and North Africa, JOST provides added-value services in road and multimodal transport, warehousing, freight forwarding and customs services, as well as performing specific missions.

With offices in 9 European countries and Tunisia, JOST stands out for the great adaptability, productivity and flexibility of its teams and customised services for its partners.

The JOST vision? To guarantee operational excellence while contributing to the sector’s development and greening, offering integrated added-value solutions in a highly competitive environment.

Choosing JOST means that you are opting for a customer-oriented Group with a wealth of know-how, a company continuously investing in innovative projects and constantly reducing its environmental footprint.

Truck cab interior

The right vehicle for your needs.

Whatever the cargo, JOST has the just & the right trailer to transport it in complete safety. We will help you find the best match between your goods and our 60 different types of trailers. Our green fleet of latest-generation trucks complies with the European emissions standards, whether for Euro VI or for Liquefied Natural Gas.

Discover the JOST Community

Which interests, attitudes and common characteristics do we share as JOST employees?

  • Efficiency

    Through bringing value to our customers, working together with them to find innovative, reliable and win-win solutions.
    Through making available to them efficient and flexible teams, with members continuously trained to excel in each of their responsibilities.

  • Innovation

    Through passionately deploying human and technical solutions making use of collective intelligence supported by cutting-edge technologies, IT and artificial intelligence.
    Respectful of environmental developments, we offer increasingly green solutions via our investments in this field.

  • Responsability

    Through fully honouring our commitments.
    Through valuing the work of our teams and the development of our employees. Investing in people is synonymous with investing in a multiplier factor generating satisfaction for all concerned!

Join the JOST Community
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To be a leading European integrated transport and logistics partner with a highly developed network, and a serious and transparent group driven by operational excellence and contributing to the sustainable development of the transport and logistics sector.

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To provide a high-quality service based on flexible and customised solutions, while at the same time ensuring the business robustness needed for our sustainable development and that of our employees.

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To ensure a customer orientation through using our recognised know-how to dynamically integrate all customer requirements. Targeted investments and specific training to enhance the impact of our work on the ground.

  • At Jost, I have excellent equipment and everything I need to carry out my work successfully and I never have to run after my salary because it‘s always paid on the same day every month. The teams’ organization and synergy ensure that there is a solution to every problem.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Dembu Belgian driver
  • I get up every morning in a good mood without any worries, because there is always someone to give us a hand, whether the issue is technical, on the road or organizational, and always quickly!
    On 15th and 30th of every month I don’t need to check my bank account, because I know that my salary has always been paid!

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Philippe Belgian driver
  • A clean and well-maintained truck, a dispatcher who gives me the freedom to organize my work in the most efficient way and takes a temporary physical difficulty into account.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Ahmed Belgian driver
  • As part of my previous job as a clerk, I have not personally witnessed any failures in the fleet administration related to the JOST drivers.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion José Local resident
  • During the Open Day at JOST, I was impressed to discover a company like JOST offering an extremely large spectrum of professions as well as the efficient management of all the tasks of a driver, notwithstanding the inconveniences that all these activities can bring to the neighbourhood.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Lucien Local resident
  • Jost business model is successful and innovative and has therefore triggered negative reactions, especially from a legal point of view. I fully trust the legality of the processes implemented by the group.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Adrien Masset Lawyer at the court of Verviers and Liège, Specialist in criminal law and corporate criminal law
  • Since I started working for Jost, I have made a lot of progress, largely thanks to the company's determination to help us when difficulties arise. The work is varied, there are multiple modes of transportation and we have hectic as well as calm days.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Leila Belgian driver
  • Proud to be part of a professional team in a company with an international network and reputation!

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Andrei Romanian driver
  • A well-known and dynamic company, which has given me not only learning opportunities but also job satisfaction as well as the tools and space to improve myself in the course of my career. I am proud to work in a professional team with colleagues and superiors, who are constantly looking for ways to develop and improve.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Teodor Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • In 9 years, I acquired a lot of experience and competencies thanks to the policy of continuous training for the drivers. Our missions are always rich and diversified. What I appreciate most is that the relationship with the management remains familiar, despite the size of the company.

    Image of the candidate giving his opinion Jéjé Belgian driver

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