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Food transport and logistics, "farm to fork": an end-to-end secured supply chain

Strict compliance with hygiene conditions and instructions, food safety and traceability are fundamental elements in food logistics. The high-quality products entrusted to our care need to be protected throughout the logistics chain and be transported and processed as quickly as possible. Food transport is part of the sustainable chain starting with the growing and processing of our customers’ products.

Hygiene and food safety requirements are at the base of our certified work standards. IFS, FCA, HACCP are required.

Retail DistributionJOST, Your No. 1 transport and logistics partner for Retail Distribution

When it’s your job to offer your customers food products reflecting the values you uphold, such as high-quality healthy food, variety, freshness, respect for consumers and permanent availability, you need to be able to rely on a partner able to provide performance, commercial speed, safety and flawless traceability.

Your partner? JOST, of course! Our company is a key player in retail transport and logistics. One in four products sold in Belgium is handled by JOST before arriving in shops and then with the consumer.

Food and Agri-FoodThe transport and logistics of food products at all stages of processing

The food industry is a complex global sector covering many different professions, ranging from farming to stores, via wholesalers and distribution. It also uses sophisticated operations, techniques, technologies, machinery, related products, wrapping and packaging to allow fresh and processed products to be protected and delivered to our homes.

JOST transports your products, whether for food or animal consumption, at all stages of their processing.

DrinksThe beverage industry is one of Europe’s most important and dynamic sectors!

The backyard producers of the last century have since turned into industrial giants targeting the global market. The beverage industry distributes its products primarily with in-house transport capacities representing about one seventh of the sector’s manpower. These costs are now being outsourced, especially to JOST, for obvious win-win reasons.