JOST - RSS The eActros LongHaul battery-powered truck has a range of around 500 kilometres and is due to go into series production in 2024. 30th May 2023 Yesterday, JOST received the awards for the best transport company for beauty care in Germany, retail section, and the best transport company for the laundry section from the Henkel company. 16th May 2023 Back on this extraordinary experience in pictures and video! 3rd Mar 2023 More information about the project! 15th Feb 2023 Today is the TRUCK DRIVER'S DAY! 8th Dec 2022 According to a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google, the Belgian labour market suffers from a severe lack of diversity. 29th Nov 2022 Globalization, e-commerce, the container in all this? 3rd Nov 2022 Did you know that one out of three families in Belgium benefits from the goods transported by our trucks? 28th Oct 2022 The Liège Criminal Court refused to approve the agreement proposed to R. Jost by the Federal Prosecutor for the last charges still remaining in this criminal case which has run for six years by now. 18th Oct 2022 Did you know that our logistics hall in Waarloos was designed for beverage logistics?
In 30 seconds, our Head of Sales North, Patrick Senster, shows you the logistics warehouse and its special features.
21st Sep 2022 Dare - Do - Passion! 15th Sep 2022 14th Sep 2022 8th Sep 2022 30th Aug 2022 Giving a chance to all types of profiles is what matters! 11th Aug 2022 JOST has 3 stations on the sites of Herstal, Molinfaing and Saint-Vith 22nd Jul 2022 This year, JOST, in collaboration with the Belgian Olympic and Inter-federal Committee via the group "Toujours avancer", wanted to support an important cause by composing teams of walkers/trailers to walk the marked paths of Spa by the association Think Pink. 21st Jun 2022 Read more here. 13th Jun 2022 Listen to our CFO Philippe Bonvoisin's podcast interview to understand the ins and outs of this price increase and the need to move towards alternative energies to diesel. 10th Jun 2022 This certification allows securing the international supply chain and to fight against fraud and attacks with the aim of facilitating international exchanges. 4th May 2022 On 29 March, several of our colleagues had the chance to attend the James Blunt concert at the Heysel Palace 12 in Brussels, accompanied by our mascot. 21st Apr 2022 We hope our colleagues enjoyed these delicious chocolate eggs!
For the ladies, a pretty orchid to embellish their workspace or home.

We wish you all a great weekend in the sunshine, with family, friends or in the quiet.
14th Apr 2022 Initiated by Hans Janssen, dispatcher at KCS (JOST subsidiary), assisted by Iryna Golovachova, contact for humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and carried out by Richard Sins and Ben Bouwens, drivers for this trip, the JOST humanitarian convoy has successfully travelled to Ukraine!
Let's take a look back at this solidarity journey in 5 steps.
5th Apr 2022 Today, JOST had the pleasure to receive students in logistics option on its site near Liege Airport. 15th Mar 2022 We would like to pay tribute to all the women who do outstanding work at JOST and elsewhere in the transport and logistics sector. 8th Mar 2022 After 6 years of investigation, the Liège Chamber of Commerce and Industry ruled on Wednesday 19 January 2022 to approve the settlement negotiated between the Federal Prosecutor's Office and our JOST Group. 21st Jan 2022 JOST wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 24th Dec 2021 This award highlights the efforts we have been making for several years to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20%. 2nd Dec 2021 And increases its transport capacity in sea containers! 27th Oct 2021 This Saturday 25th Sept, JOST welcomed the Belgian Lion’s Club and Belgium and France Medico Lion’s Club representatives. 27th Sep 2021 What a sporting weekend for our teams! 19th Sep 2021 This Saturday, September 11th, JOST realized a JOBS DAY on its site of Bierset, relive the day in pictures! 11th Sep 2021 From September 13th to 15th, S.I.T.L., the Transport & Logistics Innovation Week, will take place in Paris. Meet us! 30th Aug 2021 Our sites continue to be certified by Covid Safe Zone one after the other. 19th Aug 2021 Job alert! #jobs 19th Aug 2021 A solidarity collaboration between Carrefour and JOST to help those who need it! 23rd Jul 2021 28th Dec 2023 And increases its capacity in container transportation! 23rd Jun 2021 Our sites continue to be certified one after the other! 18th Jun 2021 100% of the electricity used in our Belgian premises is Green Electricity! 16th Jun 2021 After its site in Weiswampach, Herstal, Trilogiport, JOST obtains the certification at Nivelles. 15th Jun 2021 JOST has just invested in an LNG tanker trailer to be able to supply its own LNG station! 14th Jun 2021 Solar panels on trucks, does that mean anything to you? 13th Jun 2021 Let's discover the ins and outs of this department! 12th Jun 2021 JOST obtains a BRONZE medal at its first yearly EcoVadis evaluation! 11th Jun 2021 Improving the reception of drivers at delivery sites 10th Jun 2021 What does this mean? 9th Jun 2021 17th May 2021 Yesterday, after a journey of almost 12,000 kilometers, the first train from China arrived at the Trilogiport 17th Dec 2020