Jost - RSS http://intraxial/jost/fr From September 13th to 15th, S.I.T.L., the Transport & Logistics Innovation Week, will take place in Paris. Meet us! 30th Aug 2021 Job alert! #jobs 19th Aug 2021 Our sites continue to be certified by Covid Safe Zone one after the other. 19th Aug 2021 A solidarity collaboration between Carrefour and JOST to help those who need it! 23rd Jul 2021 And increases its capacity in container transportation! 23rd Jun 2021 Our sites continue to be certified one after the other! 18th Jun 2021 100% of the electricity used in our Belgian premises is Green Electricity! 16th Jun 2021 After its site in Weiswampach, Herstal, Trilogiport, JOST obtains the certification at Nivelles. 15th Jun 2021 JOST has just invested in an LNG tanker trailer to be able to supply its own LNG station! 14th Jun 2021 Solar panels on trucks, does that mean anything to you? 13th Jun 2021 Let's discover the ins and outs of this department! 12th Jun 2021 JOST obtains a BRONZE medal at its first yearly EcoVadis evaluation! 11th Jun 2021 Improving the reception of drivers at delivery sites 10th Jun 2021 What does this mean? 9th Jun 2021 Yesterday, after a journey of almost 12,000 kilometers, the first train from China arrived at the Trilogiport 17th Dec 2020