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After 6 years of investigation, the Liège Chamber of Commerce and Industry ruled on Wednesday 19 January 2022 to approve the settlement negotiated between the Federal Prosecutor's Office and our JOST Group.
These news is a huge relief for JOST, freeing our Group from a whole series of accusations, and enables us to look forward to the future with a peace of mind.
Background: the main points

In the context of an investigation that started in 2015 and came to light in the spring of 2017, Jost was investigated for allegedly committing a social fraud based on the use of trucks registered in Slovakia and Romania for organized transport from Belgium.
The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office and the labour auditors also quickly turned their attention to other Belgian transport companies as part of a vast plan of investigations within the sector.
At the time, the file on us even included charges of criminal organisation, human trafficking and money laundering.

The outcome: the truth at last!

It must be said that the case, which was presented in 2017, deflated considerably as the investigation has progressed.
As a result, at the end of the investigation, the Federal Prosecutor's Office requested that the case be dismissed before the Council Chamber for these three major charges.
Jost Group, Roland Jost and five employees were still involved in social law charges relating to differences in the interpretation of European rules on the cross-border employment of personnel which, due to their lack of clarity, are regularly the subject of debate in the courts. For these preventions, a settlement without admission of guilt was negotiated and approved on 19 January.
There are still so-called "social law offences" for which Roland Jost, as a manager, has chosen to defend himself in a personal capacity before the criminal court.
More than ever, JOST demonstrates the strength of its ethical and moral group, which maintains the course of growth thanks to the solidity and loyalty of its employees.
Thank you to all employees, clients and partners for supporting JOST, each at their own level, by tirelessly maintaining their integrity and confidence throughout the entire process, and for their unfailing support.
What they say...
Mr. Adrien MASSET, lawyer
"Jost Group is pleased that, after several years of investigation, the initial charges of trafficking in human beings, criminal organisation and money laundering have been dropped by an order of dismissal pronounced on 19 January by the Liège Council Chamber. For the rest, the same chamber approved a settlement for social law matters, in which it is expressly stated that this settlement does not constitute an admission of guilt. Mr. Roland Jost preferred to defend himself as a private person before a criminal court for some of these matters of social law."
Claire GRUSLIN, reputation management coach
"Today, more than ever, JOST is a strong brand with a powerful reputation both in Belgium and internationally.  The positive outcome communicated on 19 January gives the group a clear direction to start 2022 by reinforcing the values of efficiency, responsibility and ethics that it holds dear."

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